About Joshua - Joshua Lyons Marketing, LLC.
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About Joshua

Joshua Lyons, Marketing Consultant in Pensacola, Florida

In 2009 I began my career in marketing, and since that time, I have continued to hone my skills and gain greater levels of experience. In November of 2015, I launched my own marketing business.

I have two passions. First, I have a passion for helping new business owners or professionals “Get Found” online. Many people know how to create a social media account, or build a website, but they don’t know how to actually get found online. What’s the point of having a website if nobody can find it? Second, I have a passion for helping existing businesses enhance their marketing outreach, to get greater results. I find where established businesses can improve their marketing and boost their ROI.

Quick Success Stats:
● Four Seasons Catering: After only one month of working with this client, their 1st page rankings on Google increased 417%.
● SVN | GLL [Partnered with JKD Strategic]: Increased website traffic in just three months:
– Referrals (Third-party websites): Increased 118%
– Organic Search (Google, Bing, etc.): Increased 106%
– Direct (Emails, saved URLs, etc.): Increased 112%
– In five months, the 1st page rankings on Google, for this client, boosted by 433%. 2nd page rankings boosted by 533%
● SVN | SouthLand Commercial
– Increased number of website “pageviews” by 1,361% YOY
– Developed and managed a strategic blog plan that converted multiple visitors into actual clients
– Increased email effectiveness over 12 months: Sent emails increased 285%, opened emails increased 448% and clicked emails increased 656%

Other Past Accomplishments with Previous Employers
● Built a Facebook fan page presence of over 200,000 fans in 12 months
● Leveraged social media contests and advertising to generate 10,000 new email subscriptions to our email marketing database in less than one year
● Directed and managed a spend of $200,000 on paid advertising – resulting in more than $800,000 in revenue
● Managed team of as many as 20 employees per shift

Through the years to come, I will continue to establish my credibility as a marketing consultant who truly knows how to help people brand themselves and get found online. I will continue to provide quality service to every client I work with, and at the same time, continue to meet other talented professionals with whom I can grow.