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About Alyssa

headshotThe Start

I am a senior at The University of West Florida. My major is communications with a focus in marketing and a minor in public relations. I have always had a passion for marketing and sales.

Retail is Marketing!

I started my path in retail. Yes, retail can be marketing. I helped the stores I worked for with floor sets and visuals.The way a customer sees a store is the first impact they will have, so making sure our store looks marketable is key. I also ran social media sites. I would work with the retail team to post pictures. I studied what time, filter, and tags really worked for a picture.

Journalism Side

I began stepping into the other side of marketing and began blogging and writing. I was a writer for The Odyssey and an intern for The Boca Raton Tribune. This helped me really get my work out there and have it published. I would meet with clients and interview them while writing about their business. This really helped develop my blogging abilities.

Joshua Lyons Marketing

After my first few jobs in retail I moved to Pensacola and got a job with Joshua Lyons Marketing. I have built websites for SVN, Pensacola Sign and the current website you’re using now, Joshua Lyons Marketing! With Joshua Lyons Marketing we really focus on getting people “found online”. I now understand the importance of keyword research and SEO. I hope to help many more companies build an amazing website they are proud to have customers on and that will pop up on the first page of Google.

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