Why is Content Creation Important?

“Content is King” is one of the most overused statements when it comes to emphasizing the importance of content creation for businesses online. Being overused does not mean it is wrong though. In truth, having great content is the lynchpin that holds the success of your marketing strategy together.

Content is important simply because people love value. When you give your audience great content, you give them great value up front. People are more likely to trust you if you offer them value upfront before requesting anything of them. In addition to that, continually posting great information on a subject communicates to people that you are an expert in that field.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be rendered ineffective if you don’t have great content. Sure, stacking your webpages with keywords can help you rank on search engines. But, if you don’t have the content to back it up, you can’t keep your visitors on your page. The best option is to have them go hand in hand.

Interestingly, Google’s SERP takes the amount of time spent on your website into account too. So, inadvertently, having reliable content helps improve your SEO work. They are complementary sides to marketing online and should ideally not be done at the expense of one another. While SEO gets you in front of your customer, content creation keeps your customer there with you.

Creating content for your website is more than just generating texts for blog-posts, it also involves images, videos, webinars and other forms of e-communication.

Our Approach

Since content creation is very dynamic, our approach to it is proactive too. Your marketing target is what defines the kind of content you should go for.  Your motive for the marketing campaign could be anything, including reach, brand awareness, lead generation and conversion. All of them require a slightly different type of content to be executed correctly.

Content creation strategyThe first step in creating content has to do with deciding the audience you want to reach. Typically, your offering determines your audience. This will go a long way in determining exactly how the content will be presented. During this step, we like to create a persona, or in some cases, multiple personas that represent the ideal customer of your brand. This gives us a better idea of what to look out for.

After determining the target audience, the next step is to curate the content ideas. Here, we combine a lot of instruments, including SEO technology, customer feedback, and questions the target audience is asking to get the content(s) that can generate interest from the target audience.  The use of SEO in this stage of content creation is to ensure that you are creating content on topics that people will find interesting.

When we are done with that, we evaluate the best methods of getting out the content. For most website owners, the obvious choice is via blog-posts. However, they are not the only way through which material can be distributed. Content can also go out as videos, images, webinars, e-books and podcasts.

The last step in this process is creating the content itself.

What We Do for Our Clients

Content creation is one of our favorite things to do, and we do it with excellence. In our process, we work closely with our clients to generate content that both appeals to their customers and passes the desired message across.

We know that every step of the content creation process must be intentional. So, the first thing we do for our clients is to walk them through our audience creation process. This also allows them to supply information crucial to the success of the marketing strategy.

We also perform SEO keyword research within the client’s niche to know what exactly the target audience is looking for. The results of this research, alongside the other areas the client wants to focus on will be harnessed to form the base ideas on which the contents will be developed.

Over time, the results of the content creation will show up as increases in amounts of visitors, the retention time of the visitors and the icing on the cake – improved google rankings.

We would be thrilled to help you create exemplary content for your website that can propel you to the rank of an authority in your niche. If you want to know more about the services provided by Joshua Lyons Marketing, LLC, please contact us by filling out the form below!


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