Why Should You Practice Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an online marketing tactic that has been around for decades. While most marketing tactics tend to come and go in terms of effectiveness, email marketing has remained on top. This is one of the most effective forms of marketing, with a return on investment of approximately 4,000%, when executed well. With that being said, if you do not practice email marketing for your business, you could be missing out on sales.

When a business practices email marketing, they have a channel in which they can carefully design a message for their audience. For many other marketing channels, the customer has to initiate the marketing message. For example, they have to go on social media to see your posts or go to your website to find out about your products. Whereas with this form of marketing, you can send them an email directly to their inbox and reach out to them first. This way, you can notify your email list of your business and any deals you want them to know about. With that being said, email marketing is a fantastic marketing channel for almost every business.

Our Approach

How to have an effective email marketing campaignWe know how challenging it can be to write an effective email that will intrigue customers. With average email open rates hovering between just 20 and 30 percent, we believe it is important to craft a great subject line and excerpt. Additionally, we utilize personalization and demographic tools to help increase our clients’ open rates. This way, their email lists will be more likely to open their emails and see their business updates.

At Joshua Lyons Marketing, we believe a successful marketing campaign requires making changes based on how a target audience responds. Our team has spent years researching and practicing different email marketing methods. Based on our findings, we craft personalized email strategies for our clients. Through observing their email lists’ behaviors, we can design and constantly improve the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

We always want our clients to get the highest open rate as possible. Although running reports on a basic newsletter can seem superfluous, we know it is important to see success. Seeing how our clients’ email lists respond to a standard email can tell us a lot about how they expect their marketing emails to be. We can also get a glimpse into how the list prefers to hear about upcoming sales or business news. This helps us ensure the emails our clients send out are effective and have a high ROI.

What We Do for Our Clients

When you hire us to help you with your email marketing, we can help you with a multitude of tasks. We have found that some clients prefer to do some marketing in-house, while others prefer to have someone else handle their marketing needs. Other businesses take a hybrid approach, keeping some work in-house and outsourcing the rest. Regardless of your approach to marketing, we are here for you. Our team can assist you in anything you need, in regards to email marketing. So, if you need us to consult your team, or wish us to handle your email strategy and execution from start to finish, we’re here for you. Our team has the email marketing tools required to enable you to schedule out your emails. Sending out each email individually can take a great deal of time. So, we can help you schedule your emails to give you some of your time back. Additionally, our content writing team can help you write your emails if the thought of writing your business’ emails is stressful. With our backgrounds in business marketing, our team can help you get your marketing message across.

We give our clients detailed reports on their email marketing campaigns, so they know how our services are doing. When you hire us, you will hear all about your open rate, click-through rate, and other helpful analytics. At Joshua Lyons Marketing, our goal is to help our clients get more leads and increase their sales. So, we are here to help you with anything you need revolving email marketing.

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