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If you’re knowledgeable about digital marketing and feel you can write an accurate and beneficial blog post for our audience, we would love to partner with you! We feature high-quality and informative guest blog posts on our website. These blog posts will include the name of the writer, their bio, and a link to their own website. Guest blogging is a fantastic way to get high-quality backlinks to your website and attract new website visitors. This gives you more exposure for your website, as our readers are very interested in digital marketing topics. If you are interested in partnering with us, please continue reading.

About Our Audience

Our goal is to appeal to our readers and give them useful information about all things digital marketing. With that being said, our audience is usually business owners who want to improve their marketing tactics, our own clients, or people who come across our blog from search engines. Some of the people in our audience have a very solid understanding of basic and intermediate digital marketing topics. Others are completely new to the online marketing world. So, we strive to publish a variety of introductory and expert-level information, in an effort to provide value to everyone who follows our blog.

Guest Blogging Requirements

There are some requirements for a guest post to be featured on our website. They are:

Guest blogging

  • At least 1,000 words, but the longer the better.
  • At least one hyperlink to a related blog post on our website.
  • An author bio of about 75-125 words.
  • At least one hyperlink to a relevant blog post on a different website. This could be any website you like, as long as the content being linked to is relevant.
  • Headings throughout the blog post for organization and readability. At least one heading with the SEO keyword the blog post is being written about.
  • The post must have accurate information and will be checked.
  • The content must be original, and it will be checked for plagiarism.
  • You may suggest topics you are interested in writing about with the form below, or we can assign a topic to you.
  • We prefer you to connect your email address to Gravatar and link a photo to go with your email address. This image will be used for an author bio photo. But, this isn’t required.

Before Applying, Keep These Things in Mind

We only will approve high-quality posts with accurate information. Over the years of having a blog, we have built up trust with our audience, which we value greatly. We do everything we can to provide accurate and up-to-date information for our readers. Your guest blog post must be of the same level of quality and accuracy.

We require our guest bloggers to be fluent in English. Our audience is primarily fluent or native English speakers. We try to serve them as best as possible, which means we only publish blog posts written by people who are fluent in English. Small grammatical errors can be fixed, but broken English that is very difficult to read will not be accepted.

Your guest blog must appeal to our audience. As you have likely gathered, our audience means a lot to us. We want them to come to our blog and learn something new on a regular basis. We also want to encourage them to stay on our blog and stay interested in our content. Please try your best to appeal to our target audience (as described above), as this is a key element to getting your content approved.

Guest blog posts must provide new information to our readers and should not be too similar to our existing blog posts. Before submitting your blog post ideas to us, please keep in mind the blog posts we have already published. We strive to keep our content fresh and only provide new information we have not already covered in-depth. This does not mean it has to be an entirely new topic, but your blog post content should be different than our existing blog content.

We reserve the right to edit your content, for quality purposes, and to repurpose the content for other marketing initiatives, as needed. Other situations in which we may reuse content as part of a bigger piece would be to use paragraphed versions in future white papers, books, webinars, podcasts, etc. Essentially, the rights to the guest blog post will ultimately belong to Joshua Lyons Marketing, and we can use the content, beyond the initial guest posting, in other ways.

Ready to Write a Guest Blog for Us?

If you know you can write a great blog post that will teach our audience something about digital marketing and fulfill the requirements above, we would love to partner with you. Please fill out the form below so we can review it. We will typically contact you within five business days, unless it is a national holiday.

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