Web development can include creating a simple web page to building complex web applications that make life easier. Some websites and apps may look simple, but can actually be very complex, from a coding perspective! Because of this, web development is often best done by custom web development agencies.

There are rapid changes happening in the web development industry. Over recent years there have been many upgrades, such as better designs, higher speed, and much more. Web development requires hours of coding, creativity, brainstorming ideas, and originality. And as with many things, doing it well and doing it easily are not usually one and the same.

In this blog, we have listed some of the top web development challenges web developers often face.

Seven Web Development Challenges

Goals needing to be written on a napkin1. Defining Goals

There are many challenges in web development. The very first one that should be overcome in any project is to clearly define the goals. Goals can make or break the quality of a website or web application. Starting with a specific goal can simplify the process and help the developer focus in the right direction.

The developer should have a well-defined and specific goal, based on the vision behind the web application. Knowing how the site or app will add value to the user, can help keep the project in track.

Once the goals are defined, the developers and everyone else involved in the business should be on the same page. And be sure to discuss the goals, as a team, if it makes sense to do so.

2. Design and UI

The first thing that usually grabs the attention of the viewer is an attractive design. People like to interact with attractive design, and not just with web development. Everything created for marketing should be high quality, because this will help increase user engagement and conversions. For that reason, having an excellent web design is imperative for any website or app.

An engaging UI can hold the user captive for a long time. So, a user interface should be simple, as well as unique. This helps the user have a quality user experience.

An engaging UI includes clear navigation, easy to read text, and attractive visuals. By using an attractive design, you can bring in new customers as well as keep old ones. Remember, UI is the most basic aspect of web development and can work as a bridge between the user and the web applications.

And while creating an appealing design is important, it’s not easy. It requires creativity and a detailed understanding of UI/UX design, coding language, and developer experiences.

Speed concept with a timer moving quickly3. Speed and Performance

By searching just one word, search engines can show thousands of results to the Google user. With so many websites to choose from, users won’t wait long for your website to load. If too much time passes, they will simply go to another search result. Because of this, slow loading speed can cause serious damage to your viewership and business.

Loading time should be no more than 3 seconds, if possible. Otherwise, users are likely to lose interest and leave your website. Increasing the speed and performance of a website or application is one of the biggest challenge that developers face. In fact, after researching the load time for about 500 different marketing agencies in Florida, Joshua Lyons Marketing found that the average load time on a 3G network for agencies was nearly nine seconds!

Modern web pages use so many forms of data, such as infographics, images, written content, and videos. All of this content increase the size of a landing page, which can lead to slower loading times. Speed can be improved by well-written code, proper load distribution, and  database management with third-party services, etc.

4. Frameworks and Required Knowledge

There are a number of frameworks, programming languages, and tools available in the web development industry, for building web apps. Selecting the right kind of tools and frameworks may sound easy, but this a challenge many developers fail to recognize in the early stages of development.

What’s needed depends on the goals and requirements, as well as the developer’s knowledge of frameworks and other programming tools. For complex problems, complex tools may be needed. However, simple web development projects like creating a blog can be done using platforms like WordPress.

Apart from this, the expertise of the programmer can also affect the overall development of the project. A lack of skill and creativity is another challenge that can be resolved by choosing highly skilled programmers.


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Scalability written with gears next to it5. Scalability

Scalability is related to growing your web application over time. It is a long-term plan where you start with a basic business model, and have a plan to expand in the future. For example, you might use a fashion blog for a period of time but, after getting significant traffic, convert the blog into an eCommerce platform.

For the future of the project, consider the long-term goals at the beginning of the web development project. This way, when the time comes, you can easily apply the needed transitional changes to the website or app.

Developing a highly scalable website helps in acquiring new prospective customers, along with retaining old ones. It should be noted that scalability is not about the framework or programming language, but more about balancing the load between different servers.

6. Security

Security is one of the most concerning issues of modern businesses that have a major online presence. Securing your application is important for protecting confidential information.

There are many ways to improve the security of a website or app. Make sure the web developer consider all possible security measures during the development process.

One aspect of global security includes having an SSL certificates. It allows encrypted communication between the browser and the server. Using this can help ensure the safety of sensitive data, like credit and debit card details, transaction details, usernames and passwords.

Also, applying multi-factor authentication would be a great idea to protect accounts. Users would have to take multiple steps to verify their identity and get access to their accounts.

Hands in for business professionals7. A Good Team

The last challenge that is sometimes overlooked is selecting the right kind of people for completing projects. When developing a website, it is important to have proper coordination with the entire team.

For the development of an application, you will probably need a group of people. A team consisting of multiple professionals, each with different skills, can help a project move forward more more efficiently. Getting a well-organized and balanced team sounds simple, but many companies struggle to create high-performance teams.

An efficient and skilled team can complete the task more quickly and with less errors. Try to find good people to create an effective team.

Wrapping Up

Web development can be a long and complex process that involves a number of factors, including both technical and non-technical aspects of creating a website.

You can solve these issues with effort and a proper implementation of code and strategies. In summary, we know there can be many challenges in web development, but here in this blog, we have discussed the major challenges that should be considered.

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