This blog post is going to tell you why you should be blogging… if you aren’t already. I’m telling you, if you aren’t blogging, you’re missing out! But before I tell you why you should blog, I first need to tell you about Google. So, here we go!

Google is Really Smart!

Last year in Q1, according to The Motley Fool, Google made $17.3 billion in revenue! I’m not going to say Google is a company that exists purely to give you and me a way to find whatever we’re looking for online. No, I wouldn’t believe that for a moment. However, Google does say their “mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” If they want to be successful with their mission, then they absolutely must be able to do two things.

What Google Needs to Do to Accomplish Their Mission:

  1. Google must analyze tons of websites, so they can catalog the content within those websites and serve it up when people are looking for it. Let’s say I’m looking for pizza in Pensacola, Florida. There may be 10 pizza places near me, but if only one of them has a website that talks about pizza, then Google only has one website to show me when I do my Google search. Google is always looking for more websites and more content, so it can be more helpful to the person doing the search. If Google gives me all 10 pizza options, that’s way more beneficial to me than if it only shows one pizza place near me. Google wants to be helpful, so it needs websites to analyze, to give me the information I’m looking for.
  2. Google must determine which websites are most relevant to the search being done on Google. If Georgio’s Pizza wants Google to show them at the top of the Google search, then it has to give Google more relevant information than all the other pizza competitors. This puts Georgio’s Pizza at the top of the Google favorite list…. aka, this puts them on the first page of a Google search. There are so many websites all competing for the first page position, and all Google really cares about is showing people what it is they are looking for. There are a number of factors Google takes into consideration when deciding how to rank a website. One of the biggest factors has to do with the content on the website.

If Google serves up the most relevant websites, whenever someone does a Google search, then people will be happy because they’re finding what they’re looking for. That’s a motivator for Google. Google wants people to find what they are looking for. If people keep using Google, then Google will continue to get billions of dollars every quarter. Google has their best interest, and the best interest of their users, in mind.

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What Does this Have to Do With Blogging?

Blogging Checklist

Simple answer… If you want to show up on the first page of Google, you need to do two things. First, you need to make sure Google is looking at your website. Second, you need to convince Google that your website is more relevant than your competitor websites. To do that, you need to give Google what it’s looking for. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  1. What are the top ten terms people are searching for, when they are looking for my website?
  2. Do I have a dedicated page for each one of those terms?
  3. Should I have an entire page on my website for that specific term, or does it make more sense to create a post within my blog, that talks about that term?
  4. Is it possible that people would be more likely to find my website, if I had copy on my website that actually talked about the terms people are searching [the answer to that question is yes.]?
  5. How much revenue have I lost because I didn’t give Google enough information on my website, about what I do?
  6. Am I going to start writing content for my website, to help myself get found online?

What’s Next?

This blog post served its purpose if it helped you in these areas:

  1. It helped you better understand how Google works and how it wants to help people by providing them the most relevant information possible.
  2. It helped you understand that your website must provide more relevant information to Google than what your competitors are giving Google.
  3. It helped you take a look at your own blog and website, to see if perhaps there isn’t enough content there to really make your website stand out, in the eyes of Google.
  4. Most importantly, the blog served it’s purpose if you have decided to step up, take action, and actually start writing a blog.

I’m giving you this information for your own best interest. You don’t have to hire me to help you with your blogging [although you certainly can]. You can go out, learn the best practices for blogging, identify the keyword phrases that people are using to find your competitors, and then go and write your blog posts on your own. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to follow my advice on this matter. Blogging isn’t the only factor to ranking well on Google, but it is definitely not something you should ignore. PLEASE don’t let your competitors out perform you, simply because you won’t take the time to write a blog post every now and then. If you aren’t ranking well on Google, and you see the need for you to start blogging, but you choose not to, then I’m afraid you are probably limiting your potential.”

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