When looking for a new SEO company, there’s a lot of information to cover. Sometimes it is easy to become disorganized and forget to ask the SEO company the important questions. But the interview process is crucial to the quality of their services. To establish direct and realistic goals, it’s essential that you’re thoroughly learning about potential companies and their business. The interview process is your perfect opportunity to get this information.

The 7 Essential Questions to Ask Your SEO Company

When you’re communicating with prospective SEO companies through interviews, there are a few questions you don’t want to skip out on. When you ask the right questions, it will, in turn, benefit you with creating a more organized strategy. Not to mention you won’t be working in the dark, unsure if you hired the right company. Leaving the interview process irrelevant because it’s not what the client truly wanted.

It’s quite impossible to anticipate every single question that might come in handy. However, there are fundamental questions that you can ask to avoid miscommunication and give you a bit of a head start. So here are the seven essential SEO company interview questions to utilize.

1. What Makes Your Company Stand Out?

Ask the company what makes them stand out. What are their strengths? This way, you can build on them and see which services will benefit you in the longrun. Hopefully, they will be able to tell you they have a long track record of helping clients get on the first page of Google.

2. Which Industries Do You Specialize In?

SEO firm processing Intake QuestionsThis is a critical SEO interview question that you should encourage your potential SEO company to elaborate on. While SEO companies can specialize in several industries, it’s best to be sure they have experience with your industry. So when you ask the company about their specialties, make sure you’re getting all the details you can.

3. How Do You Help Outrank Competitors?

Observing the way your competitors function and what works for them is a great SEO tactic. This way, they can implement changes based on their example. They can help you stand out by creating marketing strategies that, in a way, take advantage of your competitor’s weaknesses. The SEO company should have a clear strategy with helping you outrank competitors.

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4. Do You Offer Any Other Marketing Services?

It’s best for SEO agencies to offer other marketing services. This way, the can offer complete and thorough SEO services. For example, social media marketing can genuinely help support your website. If the company doesn’t offer other services like social media, website development, and content writing, your results may be hindered. Additionally, it’s wise of them to understand all SEO efforts and marketing efforts fully. This way, they have a clear understanding of where you should begin.

5. How Can You Use My Current Marketing Strategies?

If you already have a marketing strategy, be sure the company can work with your tactics. This way, you don’t lose any progress or momentum by having them take over. They should be willing to work with you and assist you with other marketing tactics you have seen success with.

6. What Tactics Will You Use?

There are numerous SEO tactics companies use. Some may be completely compatible with your business, but some may not. For example, if you have a one-page website, you may not be interested in content optimization. Instead, creating backlinks would be better. So, ask them which tactics they plan to use and make sure they align well with your business.

7. What Do You Need From Us?

The last important SEO interview question you should be asking your potential company is what they need from you. Do they need a login for your website? Do they need you to put a tracking code on your website? Each SEO company does things a bit differently, so be sure to ask what they need from you to get you results.

Look Into the Company Before You Start Asking Questions

Asking your potential company questions is an excellent way to learn about them, but you should also do some research independently. If they have one, read their blog or any press releases that they have published. If they have a lead generation form, you can fill it out and immerse yourself in the experience to understand what it’s like being one of their potential clients. This way, you have a basic understanding of their site and business for the intake process. You are widening your scope of questions and possible concerns for the site.

Any additional information that your prospective SEO company wants to add can be useful. So at the end of the interview, take a moment to ask them if they have any questions for you or any concerns they want to voice.

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