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Welcome to part nine of our, “How to Select an SEO Company” series. In part eight, we touched on the importance of your SEO company knowing what they are doing. In this section, we are going to discuss why you want your SEO company to keep you updated on your results and marketing strategy. It is customary in the marketing field for agencies to keep their clients updated on just about everything. This is for security reasons, and so you know how your website is doing. Let’s get into why the best SEO company should keep you updated.

Why Are Updates Necessary?

You may take the “hands-off” approach to work and trust your employees to do their jobs. This could be a great idea for just about every industry, but with marketing, you should expect updates. Marketing is constantly changing and many things don’t go as planned. For example, one tactic that works great for one business might be totally ineffective for another. Marketing takes a lot of experimenting because no one can predict how successful a campaign is. A very experienced marketing agency could predict a campaign will be successful, but they can’t predict results and leads.

As mentioned above, there are two main things a marketing firm should update you on. These two things are your campaign results and changes to your marketing strategy. Each of these things should be second nature for an SEO company to update their clients on.

Updates on Changes to Your Marketing Strategy

There are many different SEO tactics that can be practiced to raise your search result rankings. Not every tactic is going to be effective for every business or industry. Most of the time, an SEO company will try out a few tactics, see how they do, and see if changes are needed. They should also replace ineffective tactics with new ones and experiment with those. These changes will usually affect your website in some way, so you should be kept in the loop about them.

In part four of this series, we talked about the transparency of your SEO company. In some cases, a company could refrain from updating you because they don’t want you to know what they’re doing. This does not happen very frequently, but it is a possibility. This is why you want to look for a company who promises to update you about any changes they make. If you have full faith in your SEO agency and you don’t want regular updates from them, they should respect that choice. But, when you are hiring an SEO company, keep in mind that it is a sign of a great agency if they want to keep you updated.

Updates on Results

With the help of implementing SEO tactics, your website should make progress and see results. After a few months of implementing SEO, you can expect to see frequent improvements in your rankings. These changes are what creates the need for monthly updates. Considering you are investing time and money into SEO, you probably want to know if your efforts are working. The best SEO company will want to give you updates on your results so you know how they’re doing as a company.

Most companies will ask you how frequently you want updates and how you want to receive them. Many people opt for weekly email updates or a monthly phone call. It is up to you as the hirer to make this decision as long as it works with the schedule of your SEO company.

Summary of Your SEO Company Keeping You Updated

The best SEO company will keep you updated so you can keep tabs on your website’s performance and its security. They should be excited to share your results with you and want to keep you up to date on the changes they make. You have the authority as the website owner to decide how you want your updates and how frequently you receive them. We recommend getting updates at least on a monthly basis so you can keep track of your website’s progress and the changes your SEO company makes.

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