Without SEO tools, it would be incredibly difficult to boost your ranking in search results. Thankfully, many innovators have created both free and paid SEO tools. You want your website to stand out among the rest, and these tools are essential to make that happen. There are many great free SEO tools, but there are paid tools that are well worth their price point. In this blog post, we are going to cover these great tools.

Using Paid SEO Tools for Your Site

Sometimes you need to use paid tools to access top-notch analytics and features. If cost isn’t an issue and time is of the essence, it may be in your best interest to go with a paid option. Paid SEO tools can be preferable because they offer:

  • All-In-One Toolkits. Many paid SEO tools and memberships are sold as complete SEO packages.
  • Customization. Membership SEO tools often come with a high caliber of customization options to best suit your style and business.
  • Quality Data Representation. These kinds of tools can offer a wide variety of beautiful and descriptive visualizations for your website’s data.
  • Cloud-Based Services. Some free tools will also let you store data on their cloud services, but only for very limited amounts. With paid SEO tools, you can store all your SEO data on a securely backed cloud.
  • Responsive Client Support. A major benefit of using a paid tool service is customer support.

Now that you have a general idea of what to expect from each type of service, check out our comprehensive lists of the best free and paid SEO tools!

Using SEO ToolsThe Best Paid SEO Tools For Your Website

When managing your website’s SEO, sometimes you just want a specialized tool for a single job. Or, sometimes you want a powerful, all-inclusive tool that will assess multiple jobs for you at once. When you pay for an SEO tool service, you can have both.

Our list of paid SEO tools is shorter than our free tools, either because their capabilities reach farther than several free tools combined, or because they are all-inclusive SEO toolkits.

The tools in this list focus on a smaller set of SEO topics, including keywords, analytics, rank tracking and all-in-one toolkits. Here we have provided a powerful list of SEO solutions that will streamline your site marketing and management processes. We found two excellent tools that address all your keyword needs:

1. KWFinder

KWFinder claims to be the only keyword finder you’ll ever need. This is a versatile tool that allows you to research keywords using a broad and inclusive range of filters and metrics. Such filters and metrics include competitor keywords, local keywords and hidden long-tail keywords. Additionally, you can find difficulty rating and search volume, which are critical for keyword research.

2. Ahref’s Keywords Explorer

Ahref’s Keywords Explorer gives you thousands of keywords to choose from with calculated difficulty ratings and estimated traffic potentials. With these tools, you can gather very interesting insights, like a country’s global volume, number of clicks, and parent topics on just about any keyword you can imagine.


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Paid Analytics Tools

There are also paid analytic tools available. Here are some thorough analytics tools to give you maximum insights from your website:

3. DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl performs a comprehensive audit of all your webpages. With this tool, you can thoroughly assess the health and performance of your site, providing you with valuable insights you can act upon to improve your SEO.

4. Site Audit

To audit the performance, credibility and effectiveness of your site, check out the authoritative site audit. Ahref’s Site Audit tool helps you stay on top of your website’s performance by crawling through all of your webpages and generating beautiful visual reports.

5. Advanced Web Ranking (AWR)

To keep up with your search engine standings, explore this awesome rank tracking tool: AWR. Advanced Web Ranking, AWR, provides you with daily desktop, mobile, and local tracking and ranking data to help you monitor the growth of your business. AWR provides this data with customizable and easy-to-read reports.

Using SEO Suite of ToolsPaid All-In-One SEO Toolkits

The following tools are competitive all-in-one products that will help you maintain your website’s popularity, authenticity, and analytics. They all provide the same range of SEO solutions, from keywords to on-site analysis, and from competitor analysis to site audits. Still, we’ll give you a quick rundown of some unique features found within each toolkit.

6. RavenTools

The suite of tools by RavenTools is very good. In fact, when Joshua Lyons got started in marketing, this was the first tool he ever used. RavenTools is a great resource for busy marketers and large companies. This tool generates fast and easy-to-read site audit, backlink, keyword, competitor, and social media reports.

7. Moz Pro

Perhaps the oldest and most established SEO suite of tools is Moz Pro. Moz Pro is a user-friendly SEO suite that give site owners detailed insights about visitor data and performs automatic site audits.

8. SEMRush

If you think Moz Pro looks like a good option, than you’ll be interested in taking a look at SEMRush as well. We consider them to be very close competitors. And as an agency, SEMRush is what we use for our clients. If we were to choose something else, it would probably be Moz Pro.

9. Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer. In addition to addressing all major SEO concerns, Site Analyzer makes data easily accessible with unique prioritization and export functionalities.

10. SpyFu

SpyFu. The theme of SpyFu is unlimited. SpyFu allows its clients to create an unlimited amount of projects, searches, and exports using their cloud services.

11. BrightLocal

BrightLocal BrightLocal will help you maintain a competitive edge with your online local business visibility.


Using Paid SEO Tools

We hope this blog post gave you some advice on which paid SEO tools you should use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team. We would gladly advise you on which one your company would enjoy most.


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