Most website owners have taken an initiative to focus on getting high rankings on Google. This is due to the fact that when a website ranks well on Google, it’s more likely to receive more organic traffic. It can sometimes be challenging to figure out why your website is not ranking well. Are you one of those who are struggling to figure out why your website has never been able to rank well on Google? This blog post will help you figure out why your website is not ranking well, and how to solve the problem.

You Aren’t Using Good Keywords

As a website owner, you have hopefully heard of the marketing tactic search engine optimization (SEO). If you are not practicing SEO, this could be one of the significant problems affecting your ranking. If you are publishing content on your website, you should be practicing on-site SEO by using strategic keywords. The best keywords are searched for frequently, but have low competition for a high ranking in search results. You can easily figure out which keywords to use in your content by using free tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.

Google Has Never Crawled Your Website

Index website to show up on GoogleWhen you first start a website, you have to patiently wait for search engines to find, crawl and index your website. In order for a website to even show up as a search result in Google, they have to index it. This will ensure that your website will show up in search results, but you are not guaranteed a particular ranking. Unfortunately, it may take Google a long time to find and then crawl a website, or they may skip over a website entirely. Luckily, website owners can request Google to crawl their websites so they have a chance to be shown in search results. This may also speed up the process of Google finding your website, so definitely consider submitting a request.

Google Marked Your Website as Low-Quality

Google may have already crawled your website but decided that your website was low-quality. Websites that are higher in quality are chosen to appear in search results over websites that are lower in quality. Websites may also be completely excluded from search results if they violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. If you think Google has completely excluded your website, look over their list of content violations. Once you have fixed the violation made on your website, you can ask Google to reconsider your site. Even if Google has not excluded your website, you should make sure that you do not practice any of the content violations that Google recognizes. This will help to avoid your website getting penalized in the future.

If you think the problem is that your website is not up to Google’s standards, take steps to improve your website’s quality. There are many different ways you can optimize your content and easily make your website higher in quality. Only publish content that’s worth reading, add some pictures on your website and be consistent. We have a few content creation tips listed in another blog post that will give you some ideas.

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Your Content Isn’t Long Enough

Having too little content on your website can be affecting your ranking on Google. It’s recommended that each webpage should have at least 300 words on it. This may seem daunting, especially if you just made your website. Remember that website content is not limited to blog posts and case studies. Before you publish a new webpage, brainstorm ideas on how to get up to that 300-word count.

You Aren’t Getting Enough Traffic

In order for your website to rank well on Google, it has to be getting a good amount of website traffic to begin with. As mentioned above, using strategic keywords will usually help this problem. Another great solution is adding social media share buttons on your website. This will help your readers to easily share your website on their social media if they like your website. Also, make sure that your website is effective so the traffic you are receiving stays around and wants to share your website.

The above reasons could explain why your website has never ranked well on Google. We hope that it helped you solve a problem you may be having with your website. If you have any questions about how to start ranking well on Google, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below!


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