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We know it’s important for you to get better rankings than your competition on search engines.

You need your target audience to find your website before they find your competitors’. When they do, you will likely get more leads and more sales. However, it can be difficult to achieve a higher ranking than your competition. So, with search engine optimization, you can show Google you deserve a top ranking in search results and deserve to get more website traffic.

When you are practicing SEO for your website, there are several steps you must take to improve your rankings. These steps can take a significant amount of time to implement, time most business owners don’t have. This is why our team is here to help you.


We Can Help Your Jacksonville Business!

SEO is becoming increasingly popular, so Jacksonville does have a lot of competition for search engine rankings. This is why it's best to hire a team for help with SEO in Jacksonville to implement tactics for you.


Our SEO Process

Our team values coming up with an SEO plan so we can ensure our efforts are effective and worthwhile. So, we use the plan below with each of our clients.




First, our SEO team will analyze your business' industry and see which tactics will be the most effective for your website. This way, we only use proven tactics that will be effective in increasing your rankings.



Once we gather information about your industry and competition, we will come up with an outline for our strategy. We will run this strategy by you to get your approval for it.



When we get your approval, our team will take our outline and execute our planned SEO tactics on your website to start boosting your rankings.



After executing our outline, we will review our efforts to see how effective they were. We will make any necessary changes to our outline so we only use effective tactics the next month.

The Promise

We promise we will do everything we can to provide the best value SEO services, for the best rate. Additionally, we promise these four guarantees:

Month-to-month Payments

We promise to never lock you into a long-term contract. Our team will only charge you on a month basis, so you can cancel our services at any time no matter what.

A Vested Interest

We need you to rank well on Google, not just for you to see success, but so our credibility is maintained. So, we do everything we can to improve your rankings.

Monthly Updates

We promise to provide you with monthly updates so you can see how effective our team's services are. You deserve to see where your money is going, so we will always send you a report showing your results.

The Golden Rule

"Treat others as you wish to be treated." This is how we run our business, which includes our SEO services.

Let's get started!

We have been helping Jacksonville businesses rank well in Google results for years. So, no matter if your website is brand new, or if you have had it for decades, we can help you improve your rankings. When you are ready to start improving your rankings, just fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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    More About SEO



    Search engine optimization, short for SEO, is the marketing tactics people use to boost their website rankings on Google. Search engines have a process of choosing which website to rank first in the form of an algorithm. With SEO in Jacksonville, you try to implement what search engines algorithms want to see. This works for not just Google, but all other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. However, most search engines primarily focus on Google because it’s the world’s most popular search engine. Also, tactics centered around Google are helpful for boosting your rank in our search engines too.

    SEO is very important for driving more website traffic to your site, which you have likely put a lot of time, and potentially money, into. The point of having a website is to share information with people. So, if you aren’t getting website traffic, you aren’t meeting this goal. SEO will solve this issue by ranking you well in search results, which leads people to click on your website. The results from SEO in Jacksonville are long-term, as they will remain for months after you stop your efforts. On the other hand, with pay-per-click advertising, your results stop as soon as you turn off your campaign.


    SEO is a vast topic and can be very difficult to wrap your head around. There are even two different types of SEO, being on-site and off-site. With on-site SEO, this category includes the topics you can do on your website. This is usually using strategy keywords, improving content, using alt text on images, and more. Whereas with off-site SEO, these are the tactics you can do off your website. This is usually done by getting links leading to your site from other websites.

    For many websites, it’s difficult to use on-site SEO tactics. This is due to a lack of website content and webpages. On-site SEO is usually best for websites with blogs or newsletters because of the ability to use strategic keywords. But, for websites without a lot of content, off-site SEO is the best option. This is because you just need a website URL for other websites to link to yours. So, if you have a website, you can practice off-site SEO.

    For all of our clients, we do our best to use both on-site and off-site SEO. We have seen the most success using both tactics with our clients. So, even if you have a very small website, we will recommend doing some on-site SEO to make sure your website is Google-friendly. Our team can tell you which tactics specifically will be the most effective for your website.


    When you hire the Joshua Lyons Marketing SEO team, we will optimize your website so it’s ready for Google to crawl it. Our team will implement SEO tactics on your site to help Google see why you should rank highly. If needed, we can help you build a custom website for your company with SEO in mind. Or, we can make changes on your current website to implement SEO tactics. Your website needs to be clean with a smart design in order to impress Google’s algorithm. So, it’s important we get your website optimized when we start our work.

    After we either build or make changes on your website, we will monitor your SEO results. We will make sure your website is improving in rankings and website traffic because of our efforts. Our team will pull reports for your website, showing how you’re doing compared to your competitors. We will share these reports with you so you can see how effective our services are. You need to be in the loop so you can see where your investment is going to. We will also refine our tactics based on what the reports show so our efforts are as effective as possible.

    When we help clients with SEO in Jacksonville, our goal is to get our clients more sales. By ranking higher than your competitors, you can expect to get more sales because of your increase in website traffic. Our team will keep an eye on your rankings versus your competitions’ so this goal is achieved. When you start to rank higher than your competition, we will work to widen the gap between your rankings to ensure they don’t catch back up.

    Our SEO team is ready to help your business grow with the benefits of SEO. If you would like to learn more about our SEO services, feel free to fill out the form above so we can contact you. We would be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as help you improve your search engine rankings.