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Testimonials for Joshua Lyons

What do others have to say about me? I’ve asked the people who have worked closest to me to give a testimony on their experiences. I have collected their responses. I hope to eventually add a testimonial from you to this list below.


Linda Day Harrison, CPM,CCIMFounder at theBrokerList – A Virtual Commercial Real Estate Network

From the very first seconds we met Joshua as the marketing talent behind SVN Southland CRE, we knew we made an amazing connection. We love marketing and we especially love online marketing therefore we were like a hand in glove for Joshua’s plan to increase exposure for SVN Southland CRE!  Joshua is a natural at today’s new way to market your business and for the commercial real estate industry, his timing is absolutely spot on. Joshua totally understood how to take full advantage of what our site has to offer and has done it like no other marketing person we have met! Today if a commercial real estate company wants to hit the ground running, they need to contact Joshua. We love working with people who do what they say they will do, and do it well. We are proud to refer anyone in commercial real estate who needs help with crafting a good marketing plan, to contact Joshua and see what he can do for you!

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Robert W. (Bob) Young, CCIM, MBA | Managing Director | Member Services: INREX – The Investment Real Estate Exchange

Bob Testimonial

Josh Lyons is an experienced and emerging talent who has been directly responsible for our growth in web presence and marketing effectiveness. He is skilled in every area we have needed:
* SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – he showed us the power of key words, page design and relevant content
* Email Mail Marketing – he increased the visibility of our offerings and our agents by a factor of at least ten in less than a year, bringing a more targeted approach yet a greater frequencyto our messaging
* Social Media – he completely revised our approach and gave each agent a “face” in the market, coming from original blog content he helped us create, from new activity in multiple channels (blog, twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc.), and from a personal approach with each agent depending on their specialty and personal goals
* Graphics – he is adept at virtually all the creative tools required in this fast-paced, visual marketing world of the internet, giving all of our work a fresh look and a personal touch.

It is with mixed feelings that I write all this, because I know that Josh is a rising star who will help us succeed, yet will earn an even greater position in the working world of marketing due to that very success. He does not disappoint!

SVN SouthLand Commercial. Commercial real estate





Jeremy RubenOwner/Instructor at DanceCraft of Pensacola

JeremyOnce we retained Josh’s services for website optimization and email marketing, we experienced immediate growth in the number of inquiries we were receiving about our services. Within days of his work with our website, we moved to the top of search engine results. It was exciting to see such quick results!

Josh recently redesigned our entire site and we appier. He was very attentive to our unique goals and provided valuable input throughout the process. retaining his services on a monthly bases, he is always available to make changes and enhancements, which is something important to us in our business. We have several exciting marketing projects coming up and Josh will certainly be at the forefront of the process!

DanceCraft of Pensacola Dance Studio





Lisa Sharp | Senior Advisor at Sperry Van Ness | SouthLand Commercial Real Estate

From Doubter to Doer – Why I’m Blogging

Lisa Testimonial

Last August we hired Josh Lyons to help SVN | SouthLand Commercial with its marketing. I remember he talked about all this great stuff we could do to increase leads. To be blunt, I wasn’t so convinced that I wanted to waste my time on the stuff he wanted to do. One day, we were talking about blogging, and I told him I thought it would be a waste of my time. I doubted I’d get any leads because of my blogging; yet, I said I’d try it… giving it a kind of a trial period, if you will.

Not a whole lot happened right away, but after a few months passed, Josh started sending me email updates about SouthLand Commercial showing up in Google for business brokerage terms [That’s my specialty]. Next thing I knew, we were ranking on the first page of Google searches like “Selling a business in Pensacola.” We started showing up for several terms like that, but here’s the kicker… when you click the results in Google, you go straight to my blog posts! If I hadn’t written those posts about selling businesses, I wouldn’t have even showed up in Google! That was a pretty good indicator that blog writing was worth my time. Who knows how many people have contacted me because they found me on Google, because of my blog. I don’t even know, but I know I show up because of my blog writing, and each time someone calls me because they found me from that type of Google search, that’s a lead attributed to my blog writing.

Showing up on Google took me from doubter of blog writing benefit to optimistic blogger. I still hadn’t seen a solid lead that I could specifically attribute to blogging, even though I knew some leads could have found me from a Google search, because of my blog. But I wanted a real lead that I could attribute completely to someone reading my blog, aside from Google leads. Well, I kept writing, and next thing I knew, my desires came true. I got the kind of leads I was wanting!

Josh decided to send out an email to all our investor contacts. That email was completely geared around spotlighting my business brokerage blog posts. Next thing you know, my phone was ringing and I was asked to represent clients… clients who discovered me because they read that blog email from Josh, and because they saw from my blog posts that I was someone who could help them sell their business. At that point, I had solid leads that were a direct result of my blog posts being shared via email.

I used to doubt that blogging was worth my time, but then, I saw the value and became a believer. Let me give you the following summary points to wrap up why I am now a blogger:

  1. Blogging generates leads through Google, even if I don’t know which specific leads came from my blog.
  2. When people find my blog through email or social media, they see that I can meet their needs, and I get solid leads that I can attribute to my blogging.
  3. Having a bunch of posts about my specialty (I currently published 11 blog posts) gives my more credibility that local competitors. I can always direct potential clients to read my blog posts and let me know if they have any questions.
  4. Frankly, it isn’t tough to write 350+ words a month, especially when I have someone like Josh to clean it up for SEO and get my name out there. Seriously… this testimonial is currently 615 words long. In a blog post, all I need to do is write a blub about what I already know. It’s worth the leads.

So, I’m a believer. I write at least one blog post a month. I give it to Josh to clean it up for SEO purposes. Then, it gets published/promoted and I get leads. If anyone is uncertain as to the value of blogging, then read this testimonial and know that I was once a doubter, but I benefited from blogging, and so can you.

SVN SouthLand Commercial. Commercial real estate





Stephanie Gilbert Commercial Real Estate Agent at Sperry Van Ness | Southland Commercial Real Estate


I started blogging before Josh joined our team. My posts were inconsistent in timing and topic. We thought just getting something out there was enough to get attention from prospects. Now that Josh has shown our team the right way, I see that we were just creating noise and not adding anything of value.

Josh creates a specific plan of action in everything that he does. Rather than throwing ideas out there and seeing what works, Josh has encouraged us to focus our social media topics, messages, platforms, etc on something that is consistent and structured. I am no longer expecting the phone to ring after writing one interesting blog. Instead, I am receiving listing and tenant leads from long-term readers of my blog series. The blogs have helped to create an image for myself in the community as a “local expert” in my specialty. In fact, agents from other brokerages have referred clients to me!

Josh created a specific marketing plan for each agent in our office with detailed recommendations of how we can increase our personal brand awareness. He has directed us to focus on one platform at a time until we are comfortable at providing consistent and interesting messages from that platform. This has allowed us to grow our social media exposure in easily manageable steps that do not overwhelm us. This tactic also keeps our readers engaged because our content is consistent and reliable.

Most importantly, Josh has strong analytic skills that he puts ahead of his creativity. He continuously monitors the results of all marketing efforts using spreadsheets and website analytics software to make sure that all the creative strategies we attempt are effective. Not only can I see the results of his marketing assistance from the phone calls I am receiving, but our team has seen large increases in all of our audience statistics: web traffic, blog readership, email open rates, and more.

Josh has opened our eyes to how blogging and social media marketing can bring leads. I have personally received leads AND revenue because of my blogging and social media activity, and am very impressed by the results we have seen since Josh joined our team.

SVN SouthLand Commercial. Commercial real estate





Bryan MorelockBanking Professional at Bank of America

Bryan Testimonial

Josh Lyons methods to blogging were a pivotal point in my success in the commercial real estate sector. During the first quarter of 2014, Josh and I put together a marketing plan to make myself visible in the CRE world. Our goal was to bring value to my name and make it synonymous with hotel experts. We set benchmarks in social media (i.e. Linked-in Rankings, Followers and Shared Blogs), tracked unique blog “opens” and SEO Rankings in my market place. Lyons coaching helped improve my writing skills by targeting key word terminology, depth of industry specific terms and blog structure (to optimize SEO). Over the course of a few weeks I begin to see a significant difference in my visibility online and in the social media world. After months I began hitting my benchmarks within a year I was number 1 in Google searches several industry specific terms such as, Hotels for Sale Pensacola, Hotel Broker Pensacola, Interior Hotels Pensacola***you may want to check this****. This was valuable in my industry because it got the phone ringing and driving leads. In the beginning of this process I had zero experience with hotel real estate. Within a year known as a hotel expert in my area, giving me instant credit bankers, landowners and investors in the area This also led to alliances with my hotel realtors with in my company, nationwide. This boosted me up to become part of the Hospitality Council with in Sperry Van Ness. Without Josh Lyons’ professional approach to my personal marketing plan, writing blogs and his help executing the strategy, I don’t believe any audience would have recognized me as a hotel expert.

SVN SouthLand Commercial. Commercial real estate

Stephanie Garvey-Chahalis Marketing assistant

Stephanie Testimonial

Josh served as my mentor during my internship at Sperry Van Ness, which I completed toward my marketing degree. Josh is an excellent mentor and provided me with excellent knowledge on the marketing industry through his detailed teaching methods.
He took the time out of his every day work routine to assure I knew my duties and understood what effect my role had on the marketing plan we implemented. He used both verbal and visual methods to explain processes, and encouraged me to ask questions and offer my opinions.
Josh uses his creativity and self-motivation to accomplish effective marketing techniques for Sperry Van Ness, and is a great asset to have in any communications and marketing department.


Mary Story | President at Story Communications

Mary Testimonial

Josh was a delight to work with at Spectrum Resorts. Not only is he smart and creative, but he’s also a great team player. He also takes the initiative to learn new skills and stay up-to-date on the latest social media tools and techniques.

Josh would be a great addition to any team.

Spectrum Resorts

Veronica Petkov | Public Relations Specialist at Spectrum Resorts

Veronica Testimonial

Josh is an ideal coworker. He is professional and always completes task in a timely manner. His technical abilities are impressive and he demonstrates incredible initiative and dedication to his job. Josh leads by example and his efforts have created a more productive team.
Spectrum Resorts