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Website design trends are always changing.

An outdated website can cause people to leave your site due to slow load speeds, which can lead to less traffic and Google potentially lowering your site’s ranking. Don’t let a slow website be the reason potential clients leave! Get more leads with a new, professional website today.

If your business is ready for a new website, our Milton website design and development team is here to help!


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We understand the need for a website that generates more business. After all, that's the point of having a business website. We help promote business growth by creating websites that customers love. Our brilliant websites help business owners find new clients, and we can help you too!


How We Do It

To ensure we provide the best website design services for our clients, we use a proven plan. This plan helps our team build quality websites that our clients love.




We examine the best ways to put your business ideas into a seamless, functional website. Then we design a mock up for your new platform.



We investigate the most advantageous ways to design your business ideas into an agile, polished website, and then we create a model for your new site.



We review our mockup with you to learn any other requests. Our team will go over our marketing, design, and SEO features with you to make sure you love everything.



When you agree our design is perfect for your website, our team starts building. We will develop a unique, on-brand website just for your business. We guarantee a dependable site that is fast to load, has SEO features, is easy for customers to use, and is stylish.

The Promise

We promise to deliver a stunning and reliable website at an incredible value for your business. In addition to this, we offer four guarantees with every project:

SEO-Friendly Website

With our websites, your website has the ability to rank higher than your competitors in search engines. We use the best SEO features to ensure Google favors your website.

A Vested Interest

We have a vested interest in your website, as we put our name at the bottom of every site we develop. We don't just want you to have a great site, we need you to.

Great Communication

We’ll engage in clear, prompt communication throughout every phase of development. We will give you updates on your website and keep you in the loop.

The Golden Rule

We’ll design and develop a website you’re proud to call your own. Your satisfaction is our first concern, and we will give you the same services we would expect.

Are you ready?

Whether you need a brand new website or just want to update your existing one, Joshua Lyons Marketing is ready to help!

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    More About Website Design


    Hiring a Website Developer in Milton, Florida?

    If you have read our blog posts before, you know we believe that just about every business needs a website. This is because having a professional website that is monitored regularly is so important to practicing digital marketing. When practicing digital marketing tactics, your clients will be lead straight to your website. You want them to be impressed with your website and make them want to work with you. The best way to achieve this is by hiring a local website development company. But, what should you look for in a website development company in Milton?

    What Should I Look For in a Website Developer?

    Considering it’s not every day you hire a website developer, it’s hard to know what to look for. Many fraudulent or incompetent companies have popped up because of current marketing trends. This is why you must know what you’re looking for so you can rest assured that you will have a great website. Here are three things you should look for in a website developer:

    work with a good website development company in Milton fl

    1. A High-Quality Business Website

    Every website developer should have an amazing website. There is absolutely no excuse for them not to. Their website should be professional, organized, and have a good load speed. If they cannot develop a good website for themselves, why should you hire them to develop yours?

    Trust us, there is no shortage of website developers in Milton, Florida. However, as mentioned above, not all of these developers are legitimate or qualified. Quickly browsing the business website of the developer is a great way to begin your search. You will be able to weed out dozens of companies very quickly.

    2. Experience and Good Reviews

    With most industries, you want to see that a company has experience and good reviews. This same idea goes for website development companies. We are not saying that every company with no experience or poor reviews is a bad one, we are just saying that you are taking less of a risk with an experienced company. Before hiring someone, check their reviews and ask for examples of their previous work. This will give you a great idea of what you’re getting yourself into when hiring.

    3. Expertise

    The website development company that you hire should be able to answer all of your questions. They should know how to improve your website to increase results. Their job is to take your design preferences and goals, then build your dream website. Make sure they are able to answer your questions accurately and thoroughly as well. Some questions you can ask them are:

    Hire Us as Your Website Development Company!

    We are an experienced website development company in Milton, Florida. From our years of helping our clients’ visions come to life, we have realized that our job is more than developing a website. Our duties extend to:

    • Understanding your design preferences and making sure you get the most out of your website.
    • Providing you with a contract that is flexible so you can change it whenever you need to.
    • Keeping you updated with regular calls or meetings to notify you of the changes and results on your website.
    • Communicating with you and your team so we can meet your goals as quickly as possible.
    • Keeping ourselves up to date on the latest website trends, news, and SEO requirements.

    We work hard so our clients are happy with their new website and our efforts. Every point listed above is very important to us so we can ensure our customers’ satisfaction. If you look at our reviews, you will see that our clients love working with us and are very happy with their websites.

    Are you wanting to work with a website development company in Milton? Please fill out the contact form below so we can reach out to you.

    Need a Web Developer in Milton?

    A great website development company turns leads into clients with an attractive website. If you need a new website, but don’t know how to pick a website development company, we’re here to show you how!

    How to Find a Great Website Development Company

    A great development company boosts your business by increasing traffic to your website. These days, there’s a multitude of designers and developers that want to build your website.

    How Do You Find the Right Milton Designer For You?

    To find an expert website development company, look for these three traits: A modern, user friendly site Positive customer reviews Assured, professional advice If you want a fabulous website, you need a reputable company. A company with these characteristics will design a pristine site with your ideas at the forefront.

    1. A Modern, User-Friendly Site

    The quickest way to spot a distinguished web development company is by looking at their website. A quality company should have an exceptional website. Their website should have: A smooth, beautiful design Full feature functionality Fast load times Responsive designs compatible across all devices These four features are a demonstration of the company’s skill and expertise. A great website should be gorgeous, simple to use, and flawless.

    2. Positive Customer Reviews

    Client testimonials give a lot of insight to a company’s reputation. An exceptional company has outstanding customer reviews. You’re on the right track if you find companies with returning customers. Have the company send you a portfolio to showcase their past projects. Ask for references from site projects that are similar to yours.

    3. Assured, Professional Advice

    A competent development company can explain the best marketing and design strategies for your project in plain, simple terms. Be sure to ask them questions like: What elements will attract new leads on my website? How can I get my website to rank high on Google? What are the components of an effective website? What kind of security do I need for my website? A professional development company will give advice for your website with your business’ best interest in mind.

    Why Hire Joshua Lyons Marketing to Build Your Website?

    Your satisfaction drives our business. Our team will make sure your new website helps your business succeed. But our job is so much more than building websites. At Joshua Lyons Marketing, we also:

    1. Combine ideas with design
    2. Create flexible contracts
    3. Provide transparent communication
    4. Keep our clients informed
    5. Maintain our competitive edge by staying up to date in web design

    Does your Milton business need a website? We want to hear from you! Contact us today by completing the form above.